Truck Driver to Protest Firing by Local Trucking Co. Following Calls of Wage Theft, Misclassification

A truck driver planned to launch a strike Tuesday afternoon following what he claimed was his illegal firing last week from a Chinese port trucking company that ships cargo on and off the Los Angeles-Long Beach Port Complex.

Los Angeles Drivers File Objection To Uber Settlement

Uber drivers in Los Angeles, California have filed an objection to the $100 million settlement of their class action lawsuit against the ride-hailing company, alleging it falls well short of what they are owed.

Union Leaders, Port Truck Drivers Protest XPO Labor Practices at Shareholder Meeting

Union leaders and port truck drivers staged a protest at the annual shareholders meeting of XPO Logistics Inc. Wednesday, alleging that the carrier engages in unfair business practices at ports in the U.S. and Europe.

Unions protest outside XPO shareholders’ meeting

A crowd of more than 60 port and freight drivers, Teamsters and international union members gathered outside the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich on Wednesday morning, chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, XPO has got to go,” as they rallied against XPO Logistics’ treatment of its workers, both domestic and abroad, while the company’s shareholders’ meeting took place inside.

How Trucking Went From One of the Best Jobs in America to One of the Worst

The relatively low pay and long hours in the trucking business may be the reason for the substantial shortage of qualified truckers in the United States today. To address the driver shortage, the American Truckers Association recommends “increasing driver pay, getting drivers more time at home, as well as improving the image of the driver and their treatment by all companies in the supply chain.”

BREAKING NEWS: Unions Mount International Effort Against XPO Logistics

“In the United States, our primary issue is the misclassification of port drivers,” said Fred Potter, director of the Teamsters port division. “In their last-mile delivery system, XPO misclassifies workers by labeling them as independent contractors but there is nothing independent about them.”

Union Targets XPO Logistics

“At the ports, XPO is being drawn into a legal battle over whether truck drivers should be counted as employees or independent contractors. Several port trucking companies in California have filed for bankruptcy protection in recent months under a spate of legal settlements. Companies that employ large numbers of drivers outside the ports, including FedEx Corp., have agreed to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle similar claims.”

Unions Join Together to Expose XPO for its Anti-Worker Practices

This morning in the upscale suburbs of Connecticut, rank and file union leaders from a continent away are joining U.S. truck drivers and the Teamsters outside a shareholders’ meeting for XPO Logistics to take the company to task for its treatment of workers both here and abroad.

Port-Trucking Firms Run Into Labor Dispute

The nation’s busiest ports are emerging as a key battleground in the legal fight over whether truck drivers should be counted as employees or independent contractors.

Hell on Wheels: Port Authority’s Broken Promise Is Choking Newark’s Kids

The Port Authority asked the Environmental Protection Agency, the states of New York and New Jersey, and the truck drivers themselves to share the cost of a fix, but not the shipping companies, which claimed they couldn’t afford it — despite record-setting port traffic last year.