Alert to Clients of Intermodal Bridge Transport

Port truck drivers from Intermodal Bridge Transport (IBT) recently mailed a letter to several clients (including Target & General Electric) of IBT detailing the illegal practices of IBT. Also the letter indicates that workers will be going on strike soon. Read …

XPO Logistics summary Jun 2017

XPO misclassification regulatory action and litigation summary 0617 FINAL

Port trucking Misclassication claims overview Jun 2017

Port trucking industry misclass claims overview 0617 FINAL

Intermodal Bridge Transport Misclassification summary Jun 2017

IBT misclass summary 0617 FINAL

Cal Cartage Litigation Summary as of Jun 2017

Cal Cartage litigation summary 0617 FINAL

Tracy Ellis – Working Class Hero, Supermom, Shop Steward, and Union Driver

I am a proud mom to 3 older children. My baby boy is 18 years old and studying to become a nurse at Cerritos College. My 19 year old was born with Cerebral Palsy. My 30 year old is studying …

XPO’s Jacobs misremembers European labor relations

European unions were dumbfounded when XPO Logistics CEO Bradley S. Jacobs announced at the JOC’s 17th Annual TPM Conference that he belices in “some unions” and that “in Europe we have a cordial, respectful, courteous {labor relationship}, it works well, …

Daimler experiment sheds light on truck-driver safety

“Light therapy” tests conducted on a team of truck drivers in Finland have found that filling a truck cabin with artificial daylight can lift mood, alertness and perception and even boost a subject’s ability to drive economically. Read full article here. 

Wage theft cannot be business as usual

WE APPLAUD Attorney General Maura Healey for rooting out specific cases of wage theft within our state such as at UnWrapped Inc. in Lowell (“Factory in Lowell to pay $1.2m over wages,” Business, March 10). With an estimated $700 million …

Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer

The supply chain is a big and small place. Big in that it touches virtually every part of the planet and affects each one of us. But small in that the people who make it go are often one- or …