Logistics Giant XPO Logistics’ drayage division settles with Teamsters Union at Georgia’s Port of Savannah just days after CEO Bradley Jacobs publicly declares “I don’t believe in the Teamsters”

Justice for Port Drivers/Stand Up For Savannah For Immediate Release: March 15, 2017 Press Contacts: National – Barbara Maynard, (323) 351-9321 Georgia – Ben Speight, (404) 604-6762 Logistics Giant XPO Logistics’ drayage division settles with Teamsters Union at Georgia’s Port …

Wal-Mart loses pay fight with California truck drivers

A federal jury in San Francisco has found Wal-Mart failed to pay hundreds of truck drivers in California the minimum wage and has awarded the drivers $54 million in damages.

Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach Unveil Plan to Phase Out Older Trucks, Transition to Zero-Emission; Drivers Urge Commissioners to Enforce Law, Demand Trucking Companies Pay for Truck Replacement

Justice for Port Truck Drivers PRESS ADVISORY: Friday, November 18, 2016 PRESS CONTACT:  Barb Maynard, (323) 351-9321; Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach – On November, 18, 2016, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach unveiled an update …

KLLM Drivers File Class-Action Misclassification Suit

Two truck drivers have filed a class-action suit against KLLM Transport Services claiming that the company misclassified them as independent contractors. Though the suit was filed on behalf of just two truckers — one from California and the other from Florida — the class action status of the suit would include other KLLM drivers who may have been misclassified.

Wage Theft Hotline Hits Home With California Port Drivers

Reyes Castellano has been driving cargo in and out of the Long Beach, California, port for 15 years. The 58-year-old has always had to put a big chunk of his paycheck toward covering repair and maintenance costs for his vehicle, but ever since K&R Transportation, the company he works for as an independent contractor, asked drivers to switch out their diesel trucks for ones powered by clean diesel and natural gas, his expenses have gone through the roof.

Port truck drivers, gig-economy workers have much in common

In a good year, port truck driver Jose Portillo says he can rake in $80,000 a year. But the barrel-chested grandfather says he takes home only $25,000 after paying gas, insurance, taxes and rental fees for the big-rig he drives.

Uber drivers in U.K. win right to paid time off and minimum wage

An employment tribunal in London ruled that the drivers should be considered “workers” rather than self-employed contractors, dealing a major blow to Uber. “This is a monumental victory that will have a hugely positive impact on over 30,000 drivers in London and across England and Wales and for thousands more in other industries where bogus self-employment is rife,” said Maria Ludkin, legal director for the GMB labor union that represented the drivers.

L.A. Port Strike Expands As NLRB Trial Enters 12th Day

Port drivers at Container Freight/California Cartage expanded an ongoing port worker strike Wednesday protesting violations of U.S. labor laws. Some of the striking workers are being called from the picket lines for testimony in a National Labor Relations Board Trial of Chinese-owned Intermodal Bridge Transport entering its 12th day.

Wage theft hotline launched for federal contract workers

Truck drivers and warehouse workers employed by federal contractors at the Port of Los Angeles are striking for 48 hours to draw attention to wage theft and other violations. Good Jobs Nation (link is external) estimates workers are losing millions of dollars in pay every year and the organization has launched a special hotline, 1-844-PAY-FAIR, to report wage theft.

KNBC 10.25.16 Port Truck Drivers and Warehouse Workers on Strike