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Alert to Clients of Intermodal Bridge Transport

Port truck drivers from Intermodal Bridge Transport (IBT) recently mailed a letter to several clients (including Target & General Electric) of IBT detailing the illegal practices of IBT. Also the letter indicates that workers will be going on strike soon.

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XPO’s Jacobs misremembers European labor relations

European unions were dumbfounded when XPO Logistics CEO Bradley S. Jacobs announced at the JOC’s 17th Annual TPM Conference that he belices in “some unions” and that “in Europe we have a cordial, respectful, courteous {labor relationship}, it works well, it’s very functional.”

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Wage theft cannot be business as usual

WE APPLAUD Attorney General Maura Healey for rooting out specific cases of wage theft within our state such as at UnWrapped Inc. in Lowell (“Factory in Lowell to pay $1.2m over wages,” Business, March 10). With an estimated $700 million in wage theft occurring annually in Massachusetts, this $1.2 million settlement is an important victory, but stronger regulations are needed in order to reduce the overall frequency and prevalence of wage theft in our state. Unfortunately, this case is also further evidence that wage theft has become business as usual. In our modern economy, where bad employers increasingly use subcontracting and outsourcing deals to dodge responsibility for their workers, the epidemic of wage theft has overwhelmed the capacity of our existing labor laws and enforcement mechanisms.

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Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer

The supply chain is a big and small place. Big in that it touches virtually every part of the planet and affects each one of us. But small in that the people who make it go are often one- or two-person bands that don’t get much notice yet are vital cogs in an enormous wheel.For the Teamsters union, this collection of port drivers, warehousemen and women, and loaders and unloaders, among others, offers tremendous opportunity to bulk up its membership rolls. It is uncharted territory, however, and one that’s difficult to crack because of labor laws that bar independent contractors, which many of these workers happen to be, from forming a union.

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Teamsters take fight with XPO to New Jersey

The Teamsters union carried its battle with XPO Logistics to Trenton, New Jersey where 33 less-than-truckload drivers filed a petition to organize with the National Labor Relations Board. The New Jersey drivers are the latest XPO employees to seek an election in an ongoing campaign that has made few gains in organizing the second largest US LTL operator.

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