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Port Drivers News

Los Angeles Drivers File Objection To Uber Settlement

Uber drivers in Los Angeles, California have filed an objection to the $100 million settlement of their class action lawsuit against the ride-hailing company, alleging it falls well short of what they are owed.

Union Leaders, Port Truck Drivers Protest XPO Labor Practices at Shareholder Meeting

Union leaders and port truck drivers staged a protest at the annual shareholders meeting of XPO Logistics Inc. Wednesday, alleging that the carrier engages in unfair business practices at ports in the U.S. and Europe.

Unions protest outside XPO shareholders’ meeting

A crowd of more than 60 port and freight drivers, Teamsters and international union members gathered outside the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich on Wednesday morning, chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, XPO has got to go,” as they rallied against XPO Logistics’ treatment of its workers, both domestic and abroad, while the company’s shareholders’ meeting took place inside.

Port truck drivers keep America moving.

From our shores to every store, port drivers are the first or last leg of the journey for what becomes the clothes on our backs, the food on our table, the shoes on our feet, plus the few remaining products we ship overseas. Stuck in the shadows until now, port drivers are fighting back against mistreatment and misclassification. Forced to pay for their bosses’ business costs like fuel, truck lease payments, liability insurance, even parking – you name it the cost is deducted from their paychecks – means some weeks drivers have to literally pay to work, creating modern-day sweatshops, just on wheels.  We all pay the cost:  tired drivers means unsafe roads; old and poorly maintained trucks means polluted unhealthy air; and industry tax fraud means taxpayers pick up the tab.  Support the courageous effort America’s port drivers are making to bring back good jobs, safe roads and healthy air.